The new 0.3.0 beta version of the Android Configurator for M2E (m2e-android) has been released. To install please see the new Getting Started guide:

Note: Please uninstall the old 0.2.x alpha version of the m2eeclipse-android-integration plugin when you update.

This new version improves build performance thanks to new incremental builder. Your Android builds will be faster as they no longer run a Maven shell and only rebuilds when relevant files have been modified. Slow builds was the number one complaint about the old alpha line.

I’d like to thank Anthony Dannane for getting the Tycho command line working so that we could run the m2e-android build through continuous integration. Also thanks to Felix Dahlke and Jeremiah Johnson for their contributions, and Igor Fedorenko for his valuable advice on the m2e-dev mailing list.

Please report any bugs to the issue tracker.